ROGUE™ Composite Frac Plugs

The ROGUE™ Composite Frac Plug is used to isolate stages during multistage stimulation.  The patent pending design provides the operator with the shortest plug available on the market.  Specialty materials and overall length lead to shorter milling times & maximized bit/motor life.  

Product Highlights

  • No Cast Iron Components
  • Only 7″ Long
  • Proprietary Seal & Back-up System
  • 10,000 PSI Differential
  • Rogue Flapper, or Ball Isolation
  • Available in 4.5/5.0/5.5/6″ Sizes All Weights

Composite Frac Plugs


From Lateral Completions

ROGUE™ Features:

  • 7″ Overall Length
  • 10,000psi @300f Endurance cycle testing
  • Dissolvable isolation flapper
  • 5-8x Less Debris – 50% less material & 75% less rubber
  • Powdered metal slip design
  • Proprietary Metal/PEEK back-up system
  • Field-Proven in 125ksi+ casings

Benefits of the ROGUE™ Flapper in your well:

  • Save $3000.00/Stage in water & Chemicals
  • Reduce Milling time and costs
  • Improve coil metrics & fluid rheology
  • Improve debris managmenet

Rogue Stats:

  • 3000+ runs, zero miss-runs due to premature plug sets
  • Available in 4.5″, 5″, 5.5″, 6″ – All casing weights
  • Fully dissolvable available

Field Proven Numbers:

  • Run speeds up to 500ft/min
  • Mill time 4-6 min, w/dime sized debris
  • 25% less pump down fluid required

Rogue – Milling

Green = Tri-Cone (Used on 50+ plugs previously)
Yellow = 5-Blade Mill

Case History: Milling & Plug-to-Plug Travel Time

Rogue – HCR Compatibility Test

Location: Canada

Operator Challenge: Subject a Rogue composite frac plug to 10,000psi @ 90°C for a given timeframe using only 33% HCR Acid for fluid.

Results:   Plug held for the entire test with zero issues. Pressure was increased to 12,000psi @ 90 °C with no signs of failure.

Testimonials & Comments:

“The Rogue pumped down smoother and quicker than others at the same pump rate and pressure. The BHA assembly is simple & dummy proof” 

– Senior wireline Engineer

“The flapper allows us to displace to zone below instead of bull-heading into the virgin formation at such low rates. No guessing of when a ball will seat – Not to mention the water we save”

– Permian Operator

“That stage just pumped down at 24m3 less volume than the other 10  competitors plugs below.”

–Wellsite Supervisor

ROGUE™ – With Rogue Flapper System


‘Patented Flapper saves time & water compared to dropping a ball’

Partial Close Provides:

  • Ability to pump guns back down in the event of a miss-run
  • Spot stimulation fluids I.E. Acid
  • Brass pin shears at 1.6m3/min to completely close the flapper

Once completely closed:

  • Flapper provides 10,000 psi isolation
  • Flapper dissolves in 2 to 3 days


ROGUE™ – Debris Comparison

Downhole Milling Comparison:

  • Hurricane Mill Used
  • Both brands deployed in the same wellbore
  • 5 of each plug milled

ROGUE™ had significantly smaller pieces due to:

  • Powdered Metal Slips
  • 16-PC segmenting slip design
  • Chosen composite materials
Downhole Milling
5 – 8 X less debris than the competition

ROGUE™ Specifications

ROGUE™ – Endurance Test

A customer asked to perform an ambient & temperature endurance test. The test involved pressure cycles to simulate wellbore tempuratures & pressures exerted on a plug.

ShortSTAK Temp
ShortSTAK Ambient