•Provides full wellbore integrity until a pre-determined time.

•Ports dissolve to allow communication to the formation.

•Variable dissolve rates can be achieved by changing material compositions or wellbore fluids.

•Provides a low-cost alternative to perforating and mechanical sleeves.

•Simulate any SPM / Phasing / Shot Density

•100% successful initiations


•Multi-stage frac operations using coiled tubing w/ isolation tool

•Full-wellbore stimulations

•Single or Multi-stage toe initiation

Deployment Methods

  • Setup to dissolve in days to weeks
  • Dissolve one or more subs at the same time
  • Simulate first stage cluster
  • Pressure test to MACP during well integrity period
  • Begin fracturing operations
  • Setup to dissolve in days or weeks
  • Pressure test to MACP during well integrity period
  • RIG w/ Cup-Cup tools for single point stimulation
  • Setup to dissolve in days to weeks
  • Pressure test to MACP during well integrity period
  • Continuous frac ops
  • Drop pods to isolate treated intervals and divert proppants to new clusters
  • Ideal for longer laterals where coil and wireline cannot reach


Dissolva-Perf – Case Study #1

5-Stage Toe Cluster Deployment – Duvernay

Test Plan

  • 6 well completion program
  • 5 wells utilized conventional PnP methodology for first stage completion
  • 1 well, 5 stage cluster of Disolva-perf subs installed


  • 100% isolation during installation and cementing
  • Achieved required hold and dissolve time
  • Full open access of all ports to formation
  • no restrictions in flow area
  • Higher than average treating rate
  • Outperformed the perforating stages
  • Early time pressure reduction, potentially perforation/cement erosion and critical frac path being established
  • Higher treating rates could be due to no stress cage effects created during ballistic perforating events
  • Results indicate stage 1 behaved in similar fashion to standard design

Interval #2-5 frac charts

Dissolva-Perf – Case Study #2

18-stage, Coiled Tubing Cup Frac Operation

  • 100% success
  • One screen out mid-stage. Correlated to lover quality reservoir
  • Average treating rate and pressure same as conventional methods (perforating, burst ports)

Time Savings: 1.2 Days

Cost Savings: 50%/stage