Revolution –   Dissolvable Frac Plugs

At Lateral, we know that no two formations are alike. That goes for completion methods too. We custom-build our plugs to fit your needs.

Through the use of proprietary metals, dissolve times can be customized to meet any wellbore condition.

  • Fully dissolvable element provides proven isolation
  • 8″ overall length
  • Ball drop or ball-in-place
  • Available in 4.5″ and 5.5″ sizes and most casing weights
  • Patented element and backup system provides a 10,000psi pressure rating
  • Industry first adapter kit designed to prevent premature sets
  • Deploy at speeds up to 170m/min (550ft/min)

Dissolvable Pump-out Sub

No more snubbing in with delicate, frangible disks. change your well design to utilize dissolvable metal technology. — reduce costs and increase safety.

  • Add a column of water on top to reduce snub force and become ?pipe heavy? faster.
  • Each sub can be pinned for any differential pressure required for removal.
  • Disks can be custom-made to meet any wellbore requirements.
  • Installed as the wireline re-entry guide on bottom.
  • No debris or restrictions left in wellbore
  • Eliminate Plug/prong removal runs during snubbing operations

Features / Benefits:

  • Variable shear pressure
  • No-go Profile
  • Dual o-rings
  • Custom threads & sizes available