EZE-Guide – Dual Pad centralizer

EZE-Guides are designed to eliminate interaction between sucker rods or Corod with the casing. By eliminating this metal-to-metal contact, EZE-Guides will prevent wear and breakage of your lift system, and reduce the workover requirements necessary over the life of the well.


  • Dual pad design for increased longevity and load distribution
  • Free Floating pad design
  • Easy 6-Bolt installation
  • 2-Bolt removal for quick pad replacement
  • Options for high temp wellbores
  • Variable sizes to fit:
  • Corod and Sucker Rod
  • Tubing sizes from 2-7/8″-7″

EZE-Guide – Pad Selection

Standard UHMW – A consistent proven option for cost effective reduction of wear points. UHMW provides excellent wear & centralization in low temperature wells.

PEEK Unfilled/Extruded – Offer chemical and hydrolysis resistance with high operating temperatures. Offering good wear resistance ih hostile environments, PEEK can be used in hot water or steam applications without permanent loss in physical properties.

PEEK 30% Glass – Compression molded, with the addition of glass fibers, significantly reduces the expansion rate and increase the flexural modulus. Improves strength, stiffness, and stability at temperatures above 300F

PEEK 30% Carbon – Reinforces the tensile strength of PEEK, providing less friction & greater combability with hostile fluid environments. Increased strength for wear and abrasion.

Peek Bearing Grade – Offers the lowest coefficient of friction and best machinability. Ideal to combat high wear point interactions between surfaces.