TraceMark RFID

  • TraceMark RFID System is a site monitoring and awareness system. Digitally monitoring and displaying the location of people and assets on your worksite. Modernize your safety culture by offering:

    • Real-Time Mustering, Roll-Call, and Tracking
    • Identify & Locate Missing Personnel Quickly & Accurately
    • Man Down Detection & Improvements to Response Times
    • Emergency Preparedness & Inventory Management

  • Using sensor-based technologies, TraceMark RFID can locate every tagged individual, piece of equipment, or asset on-site in Real Time, and display on a digital interactive map.

  • Drone point-of-view image taken of your location is used as the screen overlay to show positioning of all personnel.

  • TraceMark RFID Software Interface

    TraceMark RFID ? Real-time Displays

    • Profile
    • Categorize
    • Initiate Mustering
    • Search & Locate
    • Track
    • Create No-Go Zones